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guaranteed performance improvement 
or you pay nothing 

We have a unique Double Guarantee 

We hope it is very clear, if it does not speak clearly to you then call us, we are totally behind this. 
Return on Investment Guarantee 
We guarantee that the annualised benefits from our improvement project will be over 3 times your investment in our fees 
If we fail to meet this performance level – we will refund all of our fees. 
Total confidence in Implement Guarantee 
We will prepare detailed analysis and plans showing how we will help you realise the benefits 
If you feel completely confident that Implement can deliver these benefits then we will continue and do so 
If you have any doubts that these benefits can be achieved, then we will stop – you will pay nothing. 
At Implement we realise that performance improvement is complex, at the detailed level, and that every situation is unique and we ensure that every project is custom designed to deliver bespoke solutions that increase profits and release cash quickly and permanently. 
Sometimes this complexity can cloud the benefits message we try to transmit, it may make the profits appear less solid or nothing to shout about, and that is why we formulated our Unique Double Guarantee.  
We know of no other that is willing to make such a guarantee.  
Once we know your business, before you invest any fees with us, we will commit to deliver substantial value to you or we will walk away without question.  

Why a guarantee? 

Most of the projects that we do at Implement are for existing clients. These clients are already confident that Implement will deliver what we say we will and so the discussion in the early days of a new project is about the opportunity and planning the project. We always work very carefully at the start of a project to define what is possible and achievable and this is often the most exciting stage of new projects. 
This excitement is there too with new Implement clients but in addition they sometimes ask, “Can we be 100% confident that we won’t spend a lot of money to find out that you don’t know more than we do?” 
The Double Guarantee has allowed Implement to work together with new clients much sooner, meaning solutions are delivered faster and benefits realised more quickly. 

Is the guarantee always used? 

No. Sometimes the guarantees are not required or not necessary; maybe where there is an urgent need to take action immediately, where the client wants the analysis and then decide how to break the project up, or maybe when the client wants a much greater emphasis on transferring change management skills to their own staff. 

Do I qualify for the guarantee? 

We are of course careful not to make such an offer to everybody we meet on the street. The most likely reason for us not making an offer is if the business (or part of a business) is just too small to realise financial benefits. However, if your company is of a medium to large size, with sufficient resources being expended in doing business then the likely answer to this question is yes. 

What’s in it for Implement? 

This offer is of course designed to be “un-refusable”. We know it to be unique in management consulting and unlikely to be copied by any large groups (it scares us sometimes!). It has a value to Implement in that we can start projects in a very efficient way – we can initiate change in areas that are obvious whilst we continue analysis elsewhere with our client confident that the result will be worthwhile. We are able to achieve results faster and focus on those things that get the benefits flowing. Ultimately this gives more value to our new clients. 

Our Approach to Improving Your Business Results 

For more information or to book your exploratory consultation please call us on 020 7739 6565 or email 
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