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Drax Power Case Study 

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The Challenges 

Significant Planned Maintenance Backlogs. 
Underutilised Functionality within Stock and Asset Management Systems. 
Loose Planning and Control of Workforce. 
Significant Outsourcing of Work and engagement of Temporary Labour. 
Scope for improvement in Planning and Control of Contractors. 
drax power station cooling towers
drax power station dramatic increase in output megawatts MW

The Solutions 

Implementation of Reliability Centred Maintenance Principles. 
Design and Implementation of Workforce Planning and Control System. 
Design of New Processes for Management of Contractors. 

The Benefits 

Increased Utilisation and Productivity of Craftsmen 
Improved Availability of Key Generating Assets. 
Improved Control of Contractors and Reductions in Temporary and Outsourced Labour Costs 
drax power station change maintenance strategies
drax power station testimonial for case study


Production Director says : 
“With training of our staff at all parts of the implementation process we are happy that we have achieved a significant and sustainable change in our performance” 
Implement delivers measurable & sustainable results, remaining true to the clients and not the consultancy's needs and gaining recommendations from our clients and consultants. 
Implement is a fast-growing consultancy. We measure our success by how many return engagements are offered by our customers and so far, every client we've worked with has invited us back. 
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