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New Clients - Unique Implement Guarantee 

The Double Guarantee has allowed Implement to work together with new clients much sooner, meaning solutions are delivered faster and benefits realised more quickly. 
We try to keep the guarantee as simple and as clear as possible. It is understandable to every businessman without the need for a contracts lawyer. 
It is a commitment to a principle that Implement has followed with every client engagement we have ever undertaken. 
Return on Investment Guarantee 
We guarantee that the annualised benefits from our improvement project will be over 3 times your investment in our fees 
If we fail to meet this performance level – we will refund all of our fees. 
Total confidence in Implement Guarantee 
We will prepare detailed analysis and plans showing how we will help you realise the benefits 
If you feel completely confident that Implement can deliver these benefits then we will continue and do so 
If you have any doubts that these benefits can be achieved, then we will stop – you will pay nothing. 

Is the guarantee always used? 

No - Sometimes the guarantees are not required or not necessary; maybe where there is an urgent need to take action immediately, where the client wants the analysis and then decide how to break the project up, or maybe when the client wants a much greater emphasis on transferring change management skills to their own staff. 

Do I qualify for the guarantee? 

Most of our Clients do but some do not.  
The most likely reason for us not making an offer is if the business (or part of a business) is just too small to realise financial benefits.  
However, if your company is of a medium to large size, with sufficient resources being expended in doing business then the likely answer to this question is yes. 

What’s in it for Implement? 

This offer is of course designed to be “un-refusable”. We know it to be unique in management consulting and unlikely to be copied by any of our competitors.  
It has a value to Implement in that we can start projects in a very efficient way – we can initiate change in areas that are obvious whilst we continue analysis elsewhere with our client confident that the result will be worthwhile.  
We are able to achieve results faster and focus on those things that get the benefits flowing. Ultimately this gives more value to our new clients. 

Our Approach to Improving Your Business Results 

What are the ‘typical’ steps in our engagement process? 

Exploratory Meetings 

One hour introductory meeting to identify the potential synergies between our businesses. There is no charge for this. 
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Walk Through 

One to two Directors spend 2-3 days interviewing key staff.  
There is no charge for this time.  
At the end of this phase we will give you a Project Proposal with a guaranteed 3:1 ROI and guaranteed 100% confidence in Implement. 
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Implementation Project 

A team of consultants working full time on site under the guidance of a Director and Project Manager for typically 3 to 9 months.  
Fees that deliver at least a 3:1 return on investment as measured by your Finance Director; guaranteed. 
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Follow Up Services 

We always want to remain in contact with you to ensure the processes and results continue to deliver and we may come to arrangements to perform audits or further coaching for new recruits if required. 
For more information or to book your exploratory consultation please call us on 020 7739 6565 or email 
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