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Increase Employee Rewards to Reduce Productivity 

You may well enjoy watching this TED Talk. To Implement these talks are great. They are an entertaining and informative way to learn about vital research without working your way through all the scientific papers to distil the essence. 
Below is a summary of Dan Pink’s talk which may help you decide to click through and watch it (the link is written below if you prefer to type it into your browser). 
“There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does.” 


Research shows that, with the exception of rote tasks, employee productivity declines when rewards increase. 
Incentives do not boost the conceptual creativity that workers require to succeed in business today. 
The business world continues using carrots and sticks to try and raise performance and productivity. 
“There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does.” 
“Autonomy, mastery and purpose” are the most effective routes to human motivation. 
New workplace models have displayed success. 

Principles of Good Business Process Design 

At Implement have embedded these insights when we apply our principles of good business process design and we prove them to be effective. Can you imagine now walking around your business and asking people you see, how they are rewarded? Would you be happy with their answers? 
Implement may be able to help you identify opportunities you suspect are there. If we can’t then it will cost you nothing (for details see the Unique Implement Guarantee) and you may have a lot to gain. We are always curious about how to make things better, faster and cheaper. 
TED Talk from Dan Pink 
We have experience in all sectors and functional areas 
of business. We have been lucky to work with some of the most talented leaders and managers in the UK. Some of their experience along with ours has helped develop these articles. 
Our focus is typically in operational areas of business and our successes include: 
Cycle Time Reduction 
Cost Reduction 
Rework Reduction 
Error and Checking Elimination 
Throughput Improvement 
Productivity Enhancement 
Improved Client Communications 
However these cannot be successfully delivered without the strategic, behavioural and cultural elements present in all organisations. 
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