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Humans Need Not Apply 

We are always on the lookout for interesting articles and this one by CGP Grey caught our eye, so we thought we would share it with you. 
Grey describes how software and computers are closer than we believe to taking over many, many roles in our current economic model and we should be thinking harder about these implications now and not in 10 years’ time. It is an interesting collection of thoughts and not just ‘Tomorrows World’ revisited. It is about 15 minutes long and you can watch it below or use this link "Humans Need Not Apply". 
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of business. We have been lucky to work with some of the most talented leaders and managers in the UK. Some of their experience along with ours has helped develop these articles. 
Our focus is typically in operational areas of business and our successes include: 
Cycle Time Reduction 
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Error and Checking Elimination 
Throughput Improvement 
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Improved Client Communications 
However these cannot be successfully delivered without the strategic, behavioural and cultural elements present in all organisations. 
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